Personalia (analysis of proceeding of the scientists, commemorative publications) + Psychology and humanitarian issues

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Zinchenko V. P. : Developmental psychology problems (reading O. Mandelshtam's poetry 91'4 p.126
Zinchenko V. P. : From classic psychology to organic one 96'5 p.7
Zinchenko V. P. : From classic psychology to organic one 96'6 p.6
Vasilyuk F. E. : Methodological sense of psychological split 96'6 p.25
Yaroshevsky M. G. : B. M. Teplov's ideas on feeling as culture phenomenon 97'4 p.63
Gordeeva O. V. : Negative consequences of methodological orientation to Marxism in consciousness studies (the analysis of A. N. Leont'ev's works) 97'5 p.56
Zinchenko V. P. : A. A. Ukhtomsky and psychology (To the 125-th birthday) 00'4 p.79
Langle A. : Victor Frankl - an attorney for humanity 05'3 p.107
Bratus B. S. : Saying "yes" whatever the odds (Lessons of Victor Frankl) 05'3 p.112
Davydov V. V. : Multiple knowledge does not give a lot of intelligence 05'4 p.22
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