Personalia (analysis of proceeding of the scientists, commemorative publications)

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: To the 80-th anniversary of I. V. Strakhov (in Russian) 85'4 p.182
: To the 70-th anniversary of M. G. Yaroshevsky (in Russian) 85'4 p.183
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: To the 85-th anniversary of B. V. Zeigarnik (in Russian) 85'5 p.181
: To the 70 the anniversary of M. B. Camezo (in Russian) 85'5 p.182
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: To the 80-th anniversary of V. I. Selivanov (in Russian) 87'1 p.184
: To the 60-th anniversary of B. F. Lomov (in Russian) 87'1 p.185
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: About Carl Ransom Rogers (in Russian) 87'3 p.185
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: To the 80-th anniversary of A. I. Shscherbakov (in Russian) 88'4 p.174
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: To the 70-th anniversary of O. M. Toutoundjian (in Russian) 88'4 p.176
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: To the 100-th anniversary of S. L. Rubinstein (announcement) (in Russian) 89'1 p.91
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: To the 60-th anniversary of A. I. Mirakyan (in Russian) 89'3 p.184
Broushlinskyi A. V. : The determinism principle in S. L. Rubinstein's works. 89'4 p.66
: Records of history: How S. L. Rubinstein was fired 89'4 p.73
: Records of history: How S. L. Rubinstein was fired 89'5 p.56
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: To the 60-th anniversary of D. I. Feldshtein (in Russian) 89'6 p.179
: To the 60-th anniversary of E. D. Homskaya (in Russian) 89'6 p.180
: To the 60-th anniversary of M. S. Shehter (in Russian) 89'6 p.181
: G. S. Kostyuk's "Role of heredity, environment and upbringing in psychic development of a child" address' discussion 90'1 p.125
: To the 70-th anniversary of F. I. Ivashchenko (in Russian) 90'2 p.182
: To the 100-th anniversary of N. D. Levitov 90'3 p.134
: To the 60-th anniversary of E. A. Klimov (in Russian) 90'3 p.180
: Results of the competition for the best publication in "voprosi psikhologii" in 1989 (in Russian) 90'4 p.22
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: To the 70-th anniversary of E. N. Sokolov (in Russian) 90'4 p.180
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Ippolitov F. V. : Psychology of memory in L. V. Zankov's works 91'4 p.119
: Veniamin Noevich Pushkin (in Russian) 91'4 p.124
Zinchenko V. P. : Developmental psychology problems (reading O. Mandelshtam's poetry 91'4 p.126
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Zinchenko V. P. : Developmental psychology problems (reading O. Mandelshtam's poetry) 91'5 p.139
Zinchenko V. P. : Developmental psychology problems (reading 0. Mandelshtam's poetry) 91'6 p.117
: In memory of I. N. Shpilrein and S. G. Gellershtein-the founders of Soviet industrial psychotechnic (in Russian) 91'6 p.130
Baker K. G. : Bowen Family Systems Theory and therapy 91'6 p.155
: To the 80-th anniversary of Paul Fraisse (in Russian) 91'6 p.175
Zinchenko V. P. : To the memory of Teacher 93'1 p.89
Talyzina N. F. : Theory of planned formation of intellectual actions today 93'1 p.92
: A. V. Brushlinsky is 60 years old (in Russian) 93'1 p.116
: To the 60-th anniversary of O. K. Tihomirov (in Russian) 93'1 p.119
: To the 60-th anniversary of V. A. Ponomarenko (in Russian) 93'1 p.121
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: A. A. Bodaliov is 70 years old (in Russian) 93'3 p.112
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Vasilyuk F. E. : Image structure 93'5 p.5
Bunin A. A , Gurtovoy G. K , Yakovlev A. A. : Sergey Vasil'evich Kravkov - life and scientific inheritance 93'5 p.92
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Uzbekova D. G. : S. V. Kravkov - outstanding psychophisiologist (in Russian) 93'5 p.95
: Congratulation to N. F. Talysina (in Russian) 93'5 p.117
: Fragments from N. A. Rybnikov's autobiography (in Russian) 94'1 p.11
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El'konin B. D. : Concerning transitory action form phenomena 94'1 p.47
Bugrimenko E. A. : Transitory forms of sign mediation in 6-year olds' education 94'1 p.54
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: To the 90-th anniversary of V. V. Chebysheva (in Russian) 94'1 p.148
: To the 60-th anniversary of Ya. L. Kolominsky (in Russian) 94'1 p.149
: Psychological Institute: Reminiscences 94'2 p.32
: A. V. Petrovsky is 70 years old (in Russian) 94'2 p.146
: N. V. Kuz'mina's anniversary (in Russian) 94'2 p.149
: Psychological institute: Reminiscences (in Russian) 94'3 p.7
Sirotkina I. E. : From reaction to "live motion": N. A. Bernstein in Psychological institute of 20th 94'4 p.16
: Psychological institute: Reminiscences 94'4 p.28
: To the anniversary of L. I. Antsyferova (in Russian) 94'4 p.153
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Nikolskaya A. A. : A. A. Smirnov: The course of life and scientific work 94'5 p.122
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Gordon G. O. : Out of reminiscences about G. I. Chelpanov 95'1 p.84
: To the 60-th aanivereary of B. A. Vyatkin (in Russian) 95'1 p.156
Yakimanskaya LS. : The problems of education and of development in N. A. Menchinskaya's works 95'3 p.79
: We congratulate V. S. Moukhina (in Russian) 95'3 p.156
: 60-th anniversary of V. M. Mel'nikov (in Russian) 95'3 p.158
Tikhomirov O. K. : K. Popper and psychology 95'4 p.116
: M. G. Yaroshevsky is 80 years old (in Russian) 95'4 p.141
Zinchenko V. P. : A. A. Oukhtomsky's contribution to psychological physiology 95'5 p.79
Zinchenko V. P. : Psychilogist's formation 95'5 p.81
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Bogdanchikov S. A. : On early works of I. V. Strakhov 95'5 p.100
: To the 69-th anniversary of A. S. Batuev (in Russian) 95'5 p.143
: To I. V. Dubrovina's anniversary (in Russian) 95'5 p.145
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: To the 75th anniversary of E. N. Sokolov (in Russian) 95'6 p.135
Bogdanchikov S. A. : Why was G. I. Chelpanov discharged? (Historiography of the fact) 96'1 p.85
Jung C. G. : Siegmund Freud 96'2 p.86
: Conference on the problems of learning psychology (to the 90-th anniversary of N. A. Menchinskaya) (in Russian) 96'2 p.148
: To A. V. Zakharova's anniversary (in Russian) 96'2 p.151
Kogan V. M. , Seletskaya L. I. : The reminiscences on the first laboratory of labour psychology 96'4 p.111
: Preface (in Russian) 96'5 p.5
Zinchenko V. P. : From classic psychology to organic one 96'5 p.7
Davydov V. V. : The notion of activity as a basis for the studies of L. S. Vygotsky's scientific school 96'5 p.20
Obukhova L. F. : Two paradigms in child's development studies 96'5 p.30
Slobodchikov V. I. , Zuckerman G. A. : Integral division into periods of general psychic development 96'5 p.38
Melik-Pashaev A. A. : L. S. Vygotsky and M. M. Bakhtin: Preparatory data to the dialogue which has not taken place 96'5 p.51
El'konin B. D. : L. S. Vygotsky and D. B. El'konin: Sign mediation 96'5 p.57
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D'yachenko O. M. : The problems of abilities' development: Before and after L. S. Vygotsky 96'5 p.98
Yaroshevsky M. G. : When have L. S. Vygotsky and his scientific school appeared in psychology? 96'5 p.110
Vygodskaya G. L. : Daughter's reminiscences 96'5 p.122
: N. O. Lossky - L. S. Vigotsky: the implicit dialogue (in Russian) 96'5 p.134
Lifanova T. M. : L. S. Vygotsky's works bibliography in Russian and foreign languages 96'5 p.137
: Preface (in Russian) 96'6 p.5
Zinchenko V. P. : From classic psychology to organic one 96'6 p.6
Vasilyuk F. E. : Methodological sense of psychological split 96'6 p.25
Lobok A. M. : Written speech: dialogue with L. S. Vygotsky 96'6 p.41
Kravtsov G. G. : The unity principle of affect and intellect as a basis for personal approach in the education 96'6 p.53
Kravtsova E. E. : Psychological new formations of pre-school age 96'6 p.64
Smirnova E. O. : Child - adult communication problem in L. S. Vygotsky's and M. I. Lisina's works 96'6 p.76
Subbotsky E. V. : L. S. Vygotsky's distinction between lower and higher mental functions and recent studies on infant cognitive development 96'6 p.88
Wells G. : Making meaning with text: A genetic approach to the mediating role of writing in activity 96'6 p.92
Shotter J. : M. M. Bakhtin and L. S. Vygotsky: internalization as a "boundary phenomenon" 96'6 p.107
Lubovsky V. I. : L. S. Vygotsky and special psychology 96'6 p.118
Piaget J. : The affective unconscious and the cognitive unconscious 96'6 p.125
: International conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of J. Piaget (in Russian) 96'6 p.132
Zinchenko V. P. : N. A. Bernstein's intuition: Movement is a living thing 96'6 p.135
Leytes N. S. : The breadth of creativeness, calling, fate 96'6 p.139
: To the 90th anniversary of K. M. Gurevich (in Russian) 96'6 p.153
: To the 60th anniversary of A. A. Leont'ev (in Russian) 96'6 p.155
Stetsenko A. P. : The notes on L. S. Vygotsky's popularity in Western universities 97'1 p.107
Kozlov V. I. : A person of unusual fate 97'1 p.110
Nikol'skaya A. A. : A. N. Nechaev: Life and works 97'2 p.100
: Conference on L. S. Vygotsky's anniversary (in Russian) 97'2 p.144
Ravich-Shcherbo I. V. : V. D. Nebylitsin: Scientific work and life (in Russian) 97'3 p.143
Yaroshevsky M. G. : B. M. Teplov's ideas on feeling as culture phenomenon 97'4 p.63
Sirotkina I. E. : The concept of "Maladie creatrice" in N. N. Bazhenov works 97'4 p.104
: International conference dedicated to D. A. Oshanin memory (in Russian) 97'4 p.152
Gordeeva O. V. : Negative consequences of methodological orientation to Marxism in consciousness studies (the analysis of A. N. Leont'ev's works) 97'5 p.56
Khomskaya E. D. : Neuropsychological school of A. R. Luria 97'5 p.79
Yaroshevsky M. G. : A new book of reminiscences about L. S. Vygotsky (in Russian) 97'5 p.135
: G. G. Shpet's creative inheritance: Round-table talk (in Russian) 97'5 p.154
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Gindilis N. L. : C. G. Jung's analitical psychology: On selfness understanding 97'6 p.89
Botsmanova M. E. , Guseva E. P. : Nikolay Alexandrovich Rybnikov 97'6 p.96
: I International conference dedicated to A. R. Luria's memory (in Russian) 97'6 p.135
: O. G. Kukosyan is 75 years old (in Russian) 97'6 p.143
: To E. A. Golubeva's anniversary (in Russian) 97'6 p.144
: To the 70th anniversary of A. M. Matyushkin (in Russian) 97'6 p.150
Vyatkin B. A. , Silina E. A. : V. S. Merlin - researcher and educator 98'1 p.90
Klimov E. A. : The lines to V. S. Merlin's portrait 98'1 p.95
Leont'ev A. N. : The teaching on environment in pedological works of L. S. Vygotsky 98'1 p.108
Leont'ev A. A. , Leont'ev D. A. : Commentary on A. N. Leont'ev's manuscript 98'1 p.124
Yaroshevsky M. G. : History of behavior interpretation by Vygotsky - Luria scientific school 98'2 p.118
Bogdanchikov S. A. : G. I. Chelpanov's scientific and administrative activity in Kiev University 98'2 p.126
Leytex N. S. : Children's psychologist P. P. Kaptcrev (To the 150m anniversary) 98'4 p.84
Martsinkovskaya T. D. , Poleva N. S. : The role of State academy of artistic sciences in B. M. Teplov's scientific fate 98'4 p.94
Davydov V. V. , Kudryavtsev V. T. : Life and scientific work of T. V. Kudryavtsev (to the 70th anniversary) 98'4 p.102
: N. S. Leytcs is 80 years old (in Russian) 98'4 p.143
Zinchenko V. P. : To the friend's memory 98'5 p.3
Brushlinsky A. V. : Concerning the working out of psychic development theory by V. V. Davydov 98'5 p.29
Gromyko Yu. V. : The construction of social practice by educational means 98'5 p.37
Rubtsov V. V. : Joint learning activity in the problem of social interaction and learning context 98'5 p.49
Kudryavtsev V. T. : Psychological basis of stage continuity in developing education system: V. V. Davydov's design 98'5 p.59
: All life in search: L. M. Vekker is 80 years old (in Russian) 98'6 p.107
: A. A. Bodalev is 75 years old (in Russian) 98'6 p.111
: To G. G. Granik's anniversary (in Russian) 98'6 p.112
: To N. I. Chuprikova's anniversary (in Russian) 98'6 p.115
Piskoppel A. A. : Human nature according to A. Maslow concepts 99'2 p.75
Nikolskaya A. A. : A. Binet as one of the founders of experimental psychology 99'2 p.90
: L. I. Bozhovich and contemporary psychology of development (in Russian) 99'2 p.120
Sirotkina I. E. : A. S. Pushkin: the pages of Russian publishings on psychology and psychiatry 99'3 p.89
Martsinkovskaya T. D. , Yaroshevsky M. G. : Unknown pages of G. I. Chelpanov's works 99'3 p.99
: To the anniversary of G. M. Andreeva (in Russian) 99'3 p.121
: To the anniversary of D. A. Farber (in Russian) 99'3 p.122
: To the 75th anniversary of A. V. Petrovsky (in Russian) 99'3 p.123
Meshcheryakov B. G. : L. S. Vygotsky's concept's logical-semantic analysis: Behavior forms systematics and the laws of higher psychic functions development 99'4 p.3
Leytes N. S. : Pushkin about children 99'4 p.16
Smirnova E. O. : M. I. Lisina's communication concept and its significance for Russian psychology 99'4 p.87
: M. I. Lisina and modern child psychology (in Russian) 99'4 p.112
: To the 70th anniversary of B. B. Kossov (in Russian) 99'4 p.121
: To the anniversary of E. D. Khomskaya (in Russian) 99'4 p.122
Melik-Pashaev A. A. : A. S. Pushkin and psychology of creativeness 99'5 p.101
Zinchenko V. P. : A word about S. L. Rubinstein 99'5 p.107
Brushlinsky A. V. : Subjective-activity concept and functional system theory 99'5 p.110
Isaev E. I. : S. L. Rubinstein's contribution into psychological education of teachers 99'5 p.122
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