Psychology of the creative act (incl. creativity and genius problems)

Additional rubricsnumber of articles
Psychology in general13
Social psychology4
Pedagogical psychology34
History of psychology2
Psychology of the sexual differences1
Psychology of the individual13
Biological basis of psychology1
Psychology of individual differences1
Psychology on the joint with the other branches of human activity1
Psychology and Art4
Psychology of schoolchildren8
Psychology of pre-schoolchildren15
Psychology of the students1
Higher mental functions (perception, memory, attention, thought, speech etc.)8
Concepts and schools in the psychology science10
Personalia (analysis of proceeding of the scientists, commemorative publications)12
Psychology and practice2
Psychology of training9
Psychology at school5
Psychology at the higher school1
Psychological problems in the family1
Psychological procedures3
Psychology and humanitarian issues3
Psychology abroad11
Comments on the books, bibliography10
Scientific life (information on congresses, symposiums, conferences, etc.)17
Official reports1
Cross-cultural research1