Psychology in general + Scientific life (information on congresses, symposiums, conferences, etc.)

Shchedrina E. V. : Problem of activity in Soviet psychology (in Russian) 83'3 p.162
Zharikbayev K. B. , Shabelnikov V. K. , Podzolkov V. P. , Saparov I. A. : Psychology in Kazakhstan (in Russian) 83'3 p.171
Ross Ya. : Perception of music by man (in Russian) 83'3 p.172
Semenov I. N. , Stepanov S. Yu. : Problems in the psychological study of reflectivity and creativity (in Russian) 83'5 p.162
84'4 p.168
Kulikov L. V. : Discussion of B. F. Lomov's book "Methodological and theoretical problems of psychology" (in Russian) 85'5 p.177
Velichkovsky B. M. , Chudova M. V. : The first All-Union conference on cogitology (in Russian) 86'5 p.185
Kolga V. , Lebedeva N. M. , Ageyev V. S. : A seminar on the cognitive style (in Russian) 86'5 p.187
Talyzina N. F. : The first International Congress dedicated to the theory of activity (in Russian) 87'2 p.182
Kotik M. A. : Psychological problems of safety in work (in Russian) 87'2 p.185
Shchedrina E. V. : Goals of psychology in the restructuring period (in Russian) 88'3 p.180
: Problems in the complex study of man (in Russian) 88'4 p.177
Nazaretian A. P. , Tshchur V. G. : Human factor in scientific-research revolution (in Russian) 88'4 p.185
Yourtaikin V. V. : Psycholinguistic foundations of the speech ontogenesis (in Russian) 88'6 p.175
Bodalyov A. A. , Kouzmichyova I. A. : Issues of general, developmental, educational and social psychology on the XXIV International Congress of Psychology (in Russian) 89'2 p.167
Kedrova E. L. : Human factor at the works (in Russian) 90'1 p.181
Burlachuk L. F. , Mantseva N. V. : International conference on posttraumatic stress psychology (in Russian) 92'5 p.54
Paramei G. V. : V European conference on emotional expression of a face (in Russian) 93'1 p.124
Shchedrina E. V. : Discussion on theoretical psychology problems (in Russian) 98'5 p.154
: International congress on activity (in Russian) 98'6 p.101
: Psychological, philosophical and axiological problems of life sense (in Russian) 99'4 p.115
: Activity theory approach to psychology: Way covered and forthcoming (in Russian) 01'1 p.145
: Round-table talk "Psychology in mirror of self-reflection" (in Russian) 01'2 p.145
Leontiev D. A. , Osin E. N. : International conference "Problems of sense in man-oriented sciences" (in Russian) 05'6 p.133
Rubtsov V. V. , Korepanova I. A. : International congress on activity theory and cultural-historic psychology (in Russian) 05'6 p.134