2006'6, p.105
Mironenko I. A.
A continuum or a split?

This publication is a response to the article by A.V. Yurevich "The natural scientific and the humanitarian paradigms in psychology or a pendulum in motion" (Voprosy psyhologii. 2005. N 5). Analyzing why the natural scientific paradigm has lost its popularity in contemporary Russian psychology, the author believes that the main cause of such tendencies is competition for the generously financed field of humanitarian practical psychology. In the process of that competition a distorted, caricature image of the natural scientific approach is used with the aim of replacing the alternative "scientific vs. non-scientific knowledge" with the alternative "the natural scientific vs. the humanitarian paradigm" to justify application of the brand "science" to the market of psychological services. The author comes forward in favour of a split - a transition from succession of types of scientific knowledge that A.V. Yurevich wrote about, to a delimitation between scientific psychology and psychology which is not a science. The author also argues the necessity of developing not only social (in accordance with A.V. Yurevich's paper), but also cognitive criteria of authenticity of scientific knowledge.