2006'5, p.42
Kozhushko N. Yu.
Instructability of children suffering from delayed effects of a post-natal injury of the central nervous system (neurophysiological aspects)

Damaging or immaturity of certain brain formations due to a post-natal injury of the central nervous system may lead to insufficient maturity of certain higher mental and motor functions and, in later stages of a child's development, manifest itself in school problems. In the process of preparing a child for school the factor of the brain's morphological and functional maturity in children from the risk group may play a more important part than psychological preparedness for school. Prognosis of how successfully these children will adjust to the school load should be based on psychological estimation of their preparedness for school, but also take into account the degree of morphological and functional immaturity of the brain, stability and endurance of the central nervous system and other systems of the organism.