2005'6, p.82
Sukharev A. V. , Bukhareva S. L.
Characteristics of ethnic identity of adolescents in ethnically orientated instructional centers

The paper describes an attempt at a functional analysis of formation of ethnic identity of Russian and Jewish adolescents in specialized ethnic instructional centers - a Russian folklore school, an Orthodox Christian Sunday school, a synagogue school and a Jewish cultural center. It has been established that the ethno-functional approach is more adequate for researching identity in the current cultural and political situation than the ethno-psychological (typological) approach. The study has revealed characteristics of formation of ethnic identity in different adolescent groups as well as risks of psychological maladjustment which may result from purposeful formation of such an identity. A technique of ethno-functional psychological correction used as a means of preventing psychological maladjustment and forming cross-ethnic tolerance has proved to yield positive results.