2004'2, p.104
Chuprikova N. I.
The mind and the subject of psychology in the light of modern neurological science

The author analyzes theoretical properties of the object and the subject of psychology, making a conclusion, on the basis of neurological data, that human psychology is nothing but reflexive (cognitive) and regulatory activity of the brain. That complex object is studied from all sides and in all its aspects by many sciences, including psychology, which has its own subject, methods and approaches. The author suggests the following definition of the subject, objectives and methods of psychology: Psychology is concerned with reconstruction (reproduction, modeling) of the content, structure, dynamics, and regularities of the cognitive and regulatory activity of the brain on the basis of a thorough investigation of its outside behavioral manifestations in known and controlled circumstances. Methodology of psychological studies implies transition from the outwardly observable picture of behavior (including verbal behavior in humans) in known and controlled circumstances to building an inner, unobservable image of the world in the person's mind.