2003'4, p.63
Miniurova S. A. , Teterleva E. A.
A dialogic approach to analysis of meanings of experiencing of maternity

The methodology of dialogic approach has been used to study experiencing of maternity which is regarded as a meaningful entity in the structure of the self-consciousness of a woman who has accepted the parent role. This entity manifests itself as inner activity aimed at constructing the maternal position which can be analyzed through the woman's inner dialogue. Meaningful experiencing of maternity has been found to have a structure including four factors: "sympathy with the child based on own childhood experiences - a strict parent's position", "seeking intimacy with the child - absence of experience of solving similar situations in own childhood", "allowing the child freedom from interaction - enjoying own freedom", "ousting the child's image - rejection of own parent function". These factors are interpreted as bipolar entities reflecting a conflict of meanings centered around problem areas of experiencing of maternity.