2002'4, p.84
Bogdanchikov S. A.
A. R. Luria and psychoanalysis

The article is an attempt to evaluate the role and significance of psychoanalytic ideas in the creative career of A.R. Luria on the basis of his papers written in the 20-s and 30-s of the XX century. The author suggests that there were three periods reflecting evolution of A.R. Luria's views on psychoanalysis: 1) the first half of the 20-s; 2) from the middle of the 20-s to the end of the 30-s; 3) after 1940. The author makes a conclusion about the great importance of the principal psychoanalytic ideas (a wholistic, dynamic approach to personality, taking into account physiological and social determinants in the development of personality etc.) in the formation of A.R. Luria as a scientist and in the system of his psychological views.