2001'1, p.19
Petrovsky V. A. , Polevaya M. V.
Estrangement as a phenomenon of children - parents relations

Guided by the category and principles of the "reflected subjectivity" analysis (V.A. Petrovsky, 1982) the authors look at the concept of estrangement. It is treated as the individual "non-reflectivity" effect in the people around him/her and as an effect in himself/ herself. The paper introduces a new notion - "loyalty" defined as readiness of educating adults (parents, educators) to admit the unusual activity manifestation in children being brought up. The results of the empiric study of educating adults' loyalty received through original projective technique are stated. The typology of adults estranging reactions to children's unusual behavior has been laid down. It has been shown that no loyalty in relations between educating adults and children develops estrangement phenomenon in children.