2000'6, p.3
Yaroshevsky M. G. , Yurevich A. V. , Allakhverdian A. G.
The program-roles approach and modern science

The paper looks at logic of forming and evolution of basic stages of program-roles approach to analyze science worked out by M.G. Yaroshevsky. The authors emphasize that due to science-society modern crisis-ridden relations "inner" social science psychology which concern is the study of a scientist personality and a scientific collective is to pass on the baton to "outer" social science psychology studying these relations. They demonstrate that base notions of program-roles approach - "research program" and "research role" - with respective modifications are acceptable at this level also, applicable transforming into the notions of general science evolution trajectory and those of its social functions. These notions are the base for analyzing the key tendencies in the world science history as well as accounting for what is going on both in it and in today's Russia.