2000'4, p.51
D'yakonova N. A. , Yurtaikin V. V.
An authoritarian personality in Russia and in USA: Value orientation and locus of control

The paper contains the cross-culture study evidence of relations between right wing authoritarianism, locus of control, East and West traditional value outlook adherence. The relations were defined through the questionnaires of right wing authoritarianism (Altemeyer, 1988), locus of control scale (Rotter, 1961) and East - West scale (Gilgen & Cho, 1979). The research involved 202 American students and 313 Russian students of different academic fields. According to the right wing authoritarianism scale American students' figures appeared to correlate with inner locus of control, the figures enabling to predict the inner locus of control presence in certain volunteers. The Russian sampling showed no relation between locus of control and authoritarianism. The right wing authoritarianism correlated with West value adherence with women in USA and men in Russia as well. Humanities students both in Russia and in USA tend to be less authoritarian than business and technical specialists. As a whole American students in comparison with Russian tend to be much more right wing authoritarian.