2000'4, p.38
Kiselyov S. Yu. , Lupandin V. I. , Tkachuk I. E.
Older pre-school children intellect and sensomotoric interrelation

Older preschool children interrelation between sensormotoric test figures (reaction time, errors amount in choice reactions) and those of Wechsler intellect test were studied. Established is the correlation absence between reaction time and general figures of verbal, nonverbal and general intellect. Negative correlations between the amount of mistakes in choice reactions and the performance level for three sub-tests of Wechsler test numbered ( 3, 7, 12) were found. Proposed is that the specific structure and function of older pre-school children brain makes the sensomotoric test figures show to large extent the regulation level growth and the control over psychic activity course with intellect test figures revealing the child's cognitive processes growth level.