2000'2, p.128
Alfimova M. V. , Trubnikov V. I.
Genes basis of temperament and personality

According to genetics of behavior data contribution of genetic factors in difference of human temperament characteristics is 30-60 %, more over, temperament features depend on summary influence or interaction of many genes with little effects. From the middle of 90-s concrete genes responsible for individual differences in temperament features are searched. It became possible due to exploration of genes which encode albumens with already known functions in brain biochemical processes, as well as to creation of methods that allow to define relatively easy which gene's allele forms contain genotype of this or that person. As of now reliable and reproduced results in investigation of genes basis of temperament are not yet obtained. One of the most perspective lines of investigation is search of associations between 1) genes involved in functioning of dofamin system, and those dynamic peculiarities of behavior which are connected with activity and sociability/estrangability, 2) serotonin transporting gene and anxiety, 3) tryptophan hydrocsilaza gene and aggression.