2000'2, p.69
Shilshtein E. S.
Peculiarities of presentation of Self in adolescents

The given work is the one of a number of works on investigation of level structure of notion of Self. Peculiarities of notion of Self in adolescents as compared to juveniles have been investigated with the help of specially constructed projective modification of the method of repertoire frames. Hypothesis on dominance of constructs concerning interpersonal communication in adolescents' personality constructs as well as on lowering of role of these constructs in juveniles has been experimentally confirmed. Characteristics of Self peculiar to both adolescents and juveniles - positiveness and ambiguity of Self - have been defined. Specificity of presentation of Self in adolescents has been revealed: status of construct of Self is connected with perception of one's self as a part of structure of interpersonal communication. The author advanced supposition that one of the function of Self is resolution of subject's development actual task determined by specificity of age.