2000'2, p.56
Ushakova T. N. , Barteneva Z. S.
Psychological content of 3-5-year-old child's speech

A new approach to investigation of the psychological substance of the pre-school children is offered. The base of this approach is the theory of speaking intentionality according to which the nature core of speech act is a motivation impulse to exteriorize the subject's mental states. This impulse taken in the psychological aspect appears as a subject's intention to say something and reflects the mental state of the speaking person, his/her goal and communicative orientation. To reveal intentions in speech productions (texts) the method of intent-analysis is developed at the laboratory of psychology of speech and psycholinguistics at the Institute of Psychology RAS. The materials of the 30 pre-school children's speech samples of a junior and senior groups (3-4 and 4-5-year-old kids) are presented in the paper. The results of the intent-analyse of the samples, their age and gender peculiarities are discussed.