1999'6, p.119
Martsinkovskaya T. D.
The problem of aesthetic experience in G. G. Shpet's concept of

The paper is devoted to the psycho-philosophical concept of personality, carried out by one of the famous Russian scientists G. G. Shpet. It is shown that in the center of G. G. Shpet's theory was the idea of "aesthetic emotions", e. i. emotions which are connected to the inner form of art products - poems, roles, pictures, etc. The emotions provided by the author during perception become inner mo-tives of the spectator. This is one of the main ways of forming new consciousness - cultural consciousness. So the result of G. G. Shpet's investigations of culture and its influence on personal development was the idea that it is based not on intellectual, but on emotional mechanisms and the best way to provide such emotions is art.