1993'1, p.24
Frumin I. D. , El'konin B. D.
Educational space as a space of development ("school of maturing")

Constructing principle of educational space is polarization f child-adult life, and its poles are age-specific space and non-age-specific one. Age-specific space must be organized as a "school of maturing". Stages of leuming in such a school must comprise the development of subjectness-self-reliance and responsibility. The changes of subjectness must be attained as a result of organizational changes in learning activity. Different forms of learning activity are conceived as age-specific strata, and school buildings and schoolrooms-as age-specific symbols. Non-age-specific space doesn't include any marked age-specific differences and norms. The structure of one age-specific stage mirrors the structure of educational space as a whole. The latter too must be based on the notions of eventfulness and mediation, achieved by means of polarization in the forms of studies with children.