1991'5, p.152
Averina I. S. , Scheblanova H. I. , Perleth Ch.
The adaptation of Gifted Children Munich Tests of Cognitive

The use of standardized tests is not enough for the diagnostics of giftedness because of reduced variance in the upper part of the scale. Multi-level tests-Kognitive Faehigkeitstests (KFT- German tests for cognitive abilities), which proved to be satisfactory for high giftenness diagnostics, are adapted for Moscow sample. The adaptation of KFT is carried out on a sample of 600 gifted 1-st, 3-rd, 5-th, 7-th-, 9-th- and 11-th-graders of Moscow schools (100 from each cohort). The article contains a short description of the subtests of KFT and the experimental data collected during the application of Russian version of KFT as compared to German data. The adaptation of KFT for the Russian sample is evaluated as statistically relevant.