1991'5, p.131
Vorobieva L. I.
Authorship phenomenon in scientific psychology

After 25 years of treating stammerers (adults and adolescents) a system of multi-factorial logo-psychotherapy was construed. It presupposes the patient's maximal activization and co-creativity with a psychotherapist. An important part in the system is played by diagnostic block showing unique individuality of every patient. It is characterized by orientation not only to "illness picture" but to "uniqueness picture". It uses besides standardized tests bibliotherapy (patients' written analysis of about 30 works of art characterized by increasing topical, philosophical and psychological complicatedness) and humanistic-structured dance therapy (after G. Ammon) aimed at exposition of bodily disharmony ("Phenomenon-Kinezi" and "Phenomenon-Mirrors"). Presented diagnostic block differs from traditional ones by the combination of diagnostic and therapeutic functions. The article is accompanied by other authors' responce to it.