1991'4, p.119
Ippolitov F. V.
Psychology of memory in L. V. Zankov's works

There are four directions in which L. V. Zankov's research of psychology of memory gave significant results. The first of them is genetical analysis of mnemic activity, based on age characteristics, levels of learning, sanity and mental retardedness. The second one deals with the display of mnemic activity methods. The third one analyses the duscrepancy between mnemic purpose and real content of memorizing matter. The fourth one is concerned with un-deliberate processing of information specificity. L. V. Zankov is one of the first Soviet experimenters who paid attention to specific paradox of set in memorizing of meaningful matter. His research stated the question of structure and content of sense units of a text. L. V. Zankov worked in social-defectological field too.