1991'4, p.5
Sisk D. A.
Futures studies: A unifying concept for curriculum for the gifted and talented

There is a growing interest in futures studies. It centers on the rapidity of social and technological change. Preparing students to adapt to and cope with these changes requires that students learn not only information about the future but learn the habit of anticipating change as well. There are at least two common threads that can be found in all futures studies programs: a focus on alternative futures and on understanding of forecasts and forecasting. The curriculum content required to accomplish such a task should be broad-based and interdisciplinary in its focus. A combination of community center, library, and telecommunications center will replace today's schools. Those learning centers will include lifelong training and retraining. The core of the new curriculum will be learning to communicate in many ways and using many "languages", ranging from science to dance, from computers to painting. The most important knowledge will be knowledge of thinking skills, creativity, and how to learn.