1991'1, p.27
Shumakova N. B. , Shcheblanova E. I. , Shcherbo N. P.
The use of Torrance tests in creativity and its development in junior schoolchildren studies

The figural forms A and B of Torrance tests of creative thinking were adapted in 1000 Moscow schoolchildren (6-17 year olds) - 500 children for each form. New indices of answer's originality were worked out. The tests were used for the evaluation of junior schoolchildren's creative thinking development in the course of special programme for gifted. The comparison of the results shown before and after the programme by experimental and control groups demonstrated its effectiveness. After 6 months of training experimental group as opposed to the control one had significantly higher total score of creative thinking as well as for some of its parameters (fluency, flexibility, elaboration, and especially originality).