1989'5, p.154
Peresleni L. I. , Chuprov L. F.
The determination of developmental levels of verbal-logical thinking in schoolchildren

The extent of verbal-logical thinking formation is important for the definition of mental developmental level of younger schoolchildren. The authors' methodics contains a short version of the first four verbal subtests formed after R. Antho-wer's principle. There are 5 tasks for being in the know (I test), 10 tasks for classification (II test), 5 tasks for drawing an analogy (III test), and 5 tasks for generalization of notions (IV test). When the first attempt to solve the problem fails, stimulating assistance is offered. The success of problem solving was estimated in points. Four levels of success are considered. It enables one to find the lag in the development of verbal-logical thinking of 6,5 - 10 years old children.