1989'4, p.39
Vinokurova U. A.
School education's role in modern life of Northern nationalities of Siberia

Ethnopedagogics of Northern nationalities of Siberia and its modern transformation in personal and ethnic community's consciousness are considered from ethnopsychological point of view. The author shows that the substance of traditional education and socialization was based upon the preservation and transfer of ecological experience in order to ensure survival in inclement Northern environment, so the person-nature-microsocial environment system existed. The modern education, however, is based upon micro-environment-person-micro-environment system, and the socio-biological adaptation is ousted by the social one, so the socio-psychological adaptation of a person is not enough for successful modern vital and occupational activity. It is advisable to strengthen ecological and social parts of educational system and to study and use the experience of Northern nationalities in education.