1989'1, p.121
Novicova E. Yu.
Social-psychological aspects of the adolescent attitude towards fashion

The author discusses socio-psychological aspects of the functioning of the consumption object in the society. A conclusion is made on the basis of the results of the experiments, that sociological properties of the object of consumption are dominant as related to the strictly utilitarian properties within the social perception structure. The type of orientation towards fashion depends on the stage of the socio-psychological development of an individual: the perception of the "multiplication" prevails at the adaptation stage, the acception of the ready pattern with its partial individual modification prevails at the individualization stage, and an independent design based on general characteristics of the offered consumption object samples prevails at the integration stage. The spiritual values, which are dominant in the perception and retranslated via the object of consumption, have their specific form of the psychological presentation at the level of the personal implication.