1989'1, p.62
Brousentsova T. N.
The estimation of didactic effectiveness of instructional courses in the automated instructional system "The Mentor"

One of the ways of the estimation of didactic effectiveness of the courses, designed for the use under the conditions of computerized teaching, is presented in the article. The possibilities of using the "Minimum BASIC" course within the framework of "The Mentor" automated instructional system for the experimental training of the 9-th form students were studied. The testis were offered a questionnaire prior to the beginning of the course and after its completion. Its purpose was to identify their attitude towards computerized learning and studying programming languages and towards comparative difficulties of the course sections and the course as, a whole. The computer registrated the process of each student's work (all the tasks assigned and ait the mistakes made), and the experimenter registrated the students' questions. The comparison of opinions, students' questions and the computer processed protocol date served as the basis for identifying the course sections, which did not correspond to the students' cognitive development level. The article gives recommendations concerning the improvement of the "Minimum BASIC" course.