1988'6, p.130
Makhnach A. V. , Boushov Yu. V.
Dynamics of emotional tension states as a function of individual personality characteristics

Dependence of an emotional tension state (ET) on individual personality characteristics in the special conditions of activity (SCA) is studied. SCA were created in a pressure chamber by "raising" to the altitude of 300 m with the speed of 4 m/sec (duration of staying 'at the altitude' was 40 min). 40 practically healthy men participated in the experiment. For the study of ET dynamics the methods of M. Lusher, of Ch. D. Spielberger, the functional state self-evaluation questionnaire; were used. Personality traits were measured by H. Eysenck S. Rosenzwieg techniques, and by SMOL. It was found out that ET state is a function of such personality traits as extraversion-introversion, neuroticism, rigidity, impulsivity, of a type of frustration response direction. These results make it possible to predict psychophysiologic responses of an individual, his reliability in SCA.