1988'5, p.145
Fedotchev A. I. , Soboleva S. I.
Changes with age and stability of individual mnestic characteristics in schoolchildren

A group of 34 schoolchildren was tested twice: in the beginning (1-st grade) and in the end (10-th grade) of schooling. Subjects' memory for pictures, their electrographic (GSR, EEG, ECG) reactions in a modified "same-different" task, and academic achievements were analysed. In 10-gra-ders significant enhancement of memory and positive changes in heart rate and EEG data were observed as well as progressive growth of inter-correlations between these characteristics. Correlations between the results of initial and repeated testing were significant within the set of characteristics concerning physiological parameters and academic achievements, but not memory. However, those 10-graders who had shown good memory for pictures in the 1-st grade performed persistently better in tasks requiring incidental learning of modality-specific information.