1987'4, p.119
Stepanova E. I.
B. G. Ananiev as a researcher and an organizer of science (to the 80-th anniversary)

The name of an outstanding Soviet psychologist Boris Gerasimovich Ananiev (1907-1972) is widely known both in this country and abroad. A distinctive characteristic of his work as a researcher and organizer of science, experimenter and theorist, creator of the Leningrad school of psychologists, is his many-sided approach to the study of man. The whole life of Ananiev was devoted to understanding the integral nature of man in the complexity of his characteristics - as an organism and personality, a natural and social phenomenon, the subject of work and an object of education. The most recent developments in contemporary science were taken into account by Ananiev in his attempt to find the proper place of psychology in the body of man-studying disciplines. One of the practical aims of his research was to find reserves for complete development of man's capacities in work and learning.