1987'2, p.71
Kalmykova Z. I.
Does V. F. Shatalov's teaching method lead to more efficient productive thinking?

Psychological analysis of the organizational-methodological system proposed by teacher-innovator V.F. Shatalov enables the author to give a positive answer to the question whether and how this system influences development of creative thinking in schoolchildren. The following features of the system make possible from the author's point of view, this positive influence: introduction of the theoretical material in large units (chunks); strengthening of this material with the help of specific means - "supportive signals" ensuring control over consolidation of it in the long-term memory in the process of active categorization of it; high priority given to independent study asignments in combination with the free choice of the latter and provision of all kinds of controlling and helping means and material - in such a way as to guarantee a differential approach to teaching and, in its turn, to create a possibility "to learn victoriously" for everybody; creation of a particular psychological climate in class ensuring that every pupil independent of his/her abilities and style of learning receives benevolent help and support: formation - as a result of love for work, adequate self-estimation, and of self-control habits and skills.