1986'1, p.47
Telegina E. D. , Gagai V. V.
Types of learning operation aria1 their role in the development of creative thinking in younger schoolchildren

Results of an experimental-psychological study of a system of learning operations affecting the thinking process in younger schoolchildren and, in particular, determining creative character of the former are presented. Reproductive activity has been shown to occupy principal place in this system; this activity though obligatory and important basically determines however the processes of acquisition of knowledge, skills and habits, and mental operations underlying the ability to think logically. Productive and assessing-controlling behavior is present in the learning activity of younger schoolchildren to a considerably lesser extent. As a result "unequal" conditions for development of various aspects of thinking are provided. Deficiency of productive operations is unfavourable for appearance of such processes as the ability to put forward new goals, elaborate plans to achieve them, transform the initial set of conditions, etc. Finally the problem of how to promote planning in the learning activity of younger schoolchildren is discussed.