1986'1, p.28
Asmolov A. G.
Historical-evolutionary approach to comprehension of personality: Problems and perspectives

Historical-evolutionary approach to the study of personality reveals necessity of the phenomenon of personality as an obligatory condition of the progressive historical changeability of the society. Mechanisms of interaction and of mutual transition in sociogenesis of both adaptive stereotyped attitudinal and nonadaptive productive outputs of activity at the personality level are outlined. These two types of mechanisms represent evolutionary trends for maintenance and transformation of systems. Individualized personality as a subject of activity pertorms in the evolutionary process the function of revealing creative potentialities of cultural developments. Further elaboration of the approach requires transfer from the analysis of general-systemic regularities of the personality sociogenesis to the study of concrete-historical mechanisms of personality socialization in three complementary spheres: within different social-economical structures and ethnical cultures, and in individual life-stories.