1985'3, p.41
Gergei T. , Mashbitz Ye. I.
Psychological-pedagogical problems of efficient application of computers in the process of teaching

Some psychological-pedagogical problems connected with introduction of computers into the teaching process are presented. It is stressed that development of efficient technologies of computerized teaching requires not only attention to specific problems connected with the use of computers machinery as such but further and better study of fundamental psychological problems of teaching - particularly of the content, methods, and forms of the latter. It is stated that psychological theories can be put into the basis of computerized teaching and learning only if they meet the following requirements: a) theories must be not only descriptive but prescriptive as well, at that their corresponding prescriptions must permit easy conversion into a form of technology; b) psychological theories of learning and of teaching must be congruous; c) the theories must be multi-faceted. Designs of corresponding studies are outlined; some problems of control over learning by means of computers, and of optimal and individualized representation of the material to be learned under such conditions are discussed.