1984'4, p.96
Konovalov V. F. , Otmakhova N. A.
Peculiarities of the inter-hemispheric interaction in acquisition of information

Analysis of EEG has been used in order to study sex differences in the inter-hemispheric interaction observed in adult subjects memorizing 3 kinds of information: words, music, numbers. In men the largest number of statistically significant changes in the EEG was elicited by the verbal task, while in women-by music and counting. There were some other sex differences in EEG-responses-particularly those concerning the intensity and asymmetry of responses in either hemisphere, and also conserning the character of changes in the energy and asymmetry of EEG produced by different types of information. Sexual differences were more expressed in the energy changes than in the asymmetry, at that they were more expressed in the right hemisphere and in the occipital areas (as compared with the central ones). Analysis of literature and of the presented data makes it possible to conclude that functional asymmetry of the hemispheres is more manifested in men as compared with women.