1984'3, p.111
Medvedev V. M.
A complex approach to the development of the view of the world in schoolchildren

Lenin's Central Committee of the CPSU pays special attention to the problem of development of the communist outlook in every Soviet man and especially - in school youth. However in real school practice it happens that the view of the world is being developed in the context of particular subjects. As a result the pupils fail to develop a unified view of the world as a whole. The author's aim was to reveal how a total scientific Weltanschauung can be formed on the basis of loosely connected private scientific pictures of the world provided by particular subjects comprising the school instructional system. In the process the author designed large conceptual units concerning the general picture of the world, methods of cognitive development of the picture, and the place of man in the world. The pupils were given therefore an analytical tool for understanding natural phenomena, for orientation in the world and proper assessment of it. Finally it provided conditions for appearance of convictions - of complete and unflinching confidence in the righteousness of communist ideas, views, principles, and ideals.