1984'3, p.12
Bodaliov A. A. , Lomov B. F. , Matyushkin A. M.
Psychology - to the reform of the school

The school reform sets before psychologists a number of problems. Successful solution of the first group of them requires systematic application of established psychological laws in organization of the instructional-educational process in general school and in preschool institutions, in the system of vocational training schools. Best results can be achieved if psychologists would work together with pedagogues. The second group of problems concerns definition of particular tasks for the psychological-pedagogical sciences: general laws of psychological development (and especially the age dynamics of cognitive processes), individual psychological differences in childhood, correlation between developmental patterns studied in general and in educational psychology, and in other branches of psychology, etc. The third group of problems can be solved through organization of professional psychological consulting services - especially in the fields of vocational orientation of schoolchildren, provision of psychological help and instruction in school and family.