1983'6, p.5
Matyushkin A. M. , Kuzmina N. V.
Present state and perspectives of educational, developmental and child psychology

Results of studies in educational, developmental and child psychology have been reviewed, and the tasks which have their source in decisions of the June 1983 Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU are stated. The following can be named among major achievements of psychologists: elaboration of psychological aspects of education in group, study of psycho-physiological prerequisites of individual differences (particularly of abilities in children), elaboration of methods of diagnosis of mental development in children, organization of the psychological consultation service for the school and family, advancements in understanding of psychological bases of the education of 6-year-olds, etc. However there still exist weak points as well-in the theoretical sphere the nesessity is particularly noted to restrict the concept of object activity and to promote studies of such forms of children's activity as play and communication which possess a structure of their own and specific psychological regularities of development. It is also very important to further work out diagnostical tools in the field of mental development and improve existing experimental methods. The most fundamental aim of all these efforts consists in formulation of laws governing man's psychological development at all stages of his life.