1983'5, p.30
Ushakova T. N. , Pavlova N. D. , Zachesova I. A.
Psychological study of speech semantics

Semantics of speech has been considered a particular field not yet represented in either semiotics or semantics. Its subject-matter is different from that of the psychology of thinking and may be defined "the functioning of speech signs as determined by man's psychological and psychophysiological peculiarities". The authors present in a systematic way basic results obtained in psychological-semantical studies as well as their own approach to corresponding issues. The article includes the following sections: 1) meaning of the word, 2) word meaning as a system, 3) the subjective aspect of the word meaning, 4) expression of meaning in sentences, 5) semantics of the text. It is shown that in semantic studies psychology shares with semiotics (and linguistics) a number of semiotic problems and notions. Correspondingly each section contains comparison of semiotic and psychological approaches, with particular accent on the specificity of the latter.