To the 80-th anniversary of Psychological Institute
p. 6 Rybnikov N. A. : Hour Psychological Institute was created
p. 11 : Fragments from N. A. Rybnikov's autobiography (in Russian)
p. 17 Umrihin V. V. : Ideogenesis and sociogenesis of science in G. I. Chelpanov's works (in Russian)
p. 27 Bogdanchikov S. A. : Unknown G. I. Chelpanov (in Russian)
p. 36 Nikol'skaya A. A. : Psychologo-pedagogical views of G. I. Chelpanov

Pedagogical and developmental psychology
p. 43 Zinchenko V. P. : Some contributions to D. B. El'konin's portret
p. 47 El'konin B. D. : Concerning transitory action form phenomena
p. 54 Bugrimenko E. A. : Transitory forms of sign mediation in 6-year olds' education
p. 61 Polivnov K. N. : Psychological analysis of age-specific development crises

Thematic reports
p. 70 Gozman L. Ya. : Psychology in politics: From explanations to influence
p. 81 Batuev A. S. , Sokolova L. V. : The correspondence of biological and social aspects in human nature
p. 92 Greening T. : Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from the perspective of existential- humanistic psychology
p. 97 Kotik M. A. : A new method of experimental evaluation of the attitudes towards emotiogenic events
p. 105 Shul'ga T. I. : The problem of volitional regulation in ontogenesis
p. 111 Nahapetov B. A. : G. A. Pechorin: An ambivalent personality?
p. 116 Semenov V. E. : Catharsis and anticatharsis: Sociopsychological approach to art influence
p. 122 Bodaliov A. A. : Concerning the notions of attitude and communication

p. 128 Polishchuk Yu. I. : Equivocal meaning of term "suicide" as of a psychological phenomenon

Memorable dates
p. 131 Davydov V. V. : E. V. Il'enkov's contribution to theoretical psychology
p. 136 Meshkova T. A. : Inter-individual differences in tempo characteristics in 7-8-years aid children

In other countries
p. 142 Ruzgis P. : Culture and intelligence: Cross-cultural investigations of implicit theories fo intelligence
p. 147 : Brief book Preview (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 148 : To the 90-th anniversary of V. V. Chebysheva (in Russian)
p. 149 : To the 60-th anniversary of Ya. L. Kolominsky (in Russian)

Out of editorial mail
p. 151 : What is creative ability? (in Russian)
p. 156 : Summaries
p. 159 : Our authors (in Russian)