Theoretical research
p. 5 Zinchenko V. P. : Cultural-historical psychology: An experience in amplification

Pedagogical and developmental psychology
p. 20 Carpay J. , Van_Oers B. : Didactic models and the problem of educational discussion
p. 27 Boiko I. B. : The study of aggressiveness on female delinquents under age

Psychological consultation
p. 31 Klimova S. G. : A company of drunken adolescents

p. 37 Etkind A. M. : Again about L. S. Vygotsky: Forgotten texts and unsuspected contexts
p. 55 Yaroshevsky M. G. : L. S. Vygotsky - a victim of "optical illusion"
p. 61 Gippenreiter Yu. B. , Karyagina T. D. , Kozlova E. N. : Congruent empathy phenomenon
p. 68 Orlov . . , Khazanova M. A. : Empathy and congruence phenomena
p. 73 Myasoed P. A. : The theory and practice in school psychologist activity

History of psychology
p. 80 Zhdan A. N. : Psychological education at Moscow university

Memorable dates
p. 94 Smirnov S. D. : General psychological theory of activity: perspectives and limitations (to the 90-th anniversary)
p. 102 Laktionov A. N. , Sereda G. K. : Activity paradigm and memory problem in P. 1. Zinchenko's works (to the 90-th anniversary)

Experimental research
p. 109 Peresleni L. I. : The possibilities of cognitive activity structure examination by prognostication characteristics in children

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 116 Zaika E. V. , Kartashov O. G. : The methodics of the study: Individual - typical emotional reaction

Critical review and bibliography
p. 122 Vasyukova E. E. : The notions, principles and problems of psychology (in Russian)
p. 124 : Summaries
p. 126 : Our authors (in Russian)
p. 127 : Questionnaire of "Voprosy psychologii" (in Russian)