Theoretical research
p. 3 Vasiliuk F. E. : Semiotics and empathy techniques
p. 15 Kozhukhar G. S. : A model of reinforced motivation: Interaction of basic mechanisms of interpersonal tolerance

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 30 Burmenskaya G. V. , Evdokimova L. V. : Formation of combinatory thinking in primary schoolers and adolescents
p. 44 Ushakova T. N. , Belova S. S. , Gromova O. Ye. : Early speech development and its natural foundations
p. 57 Smirnova E. O. , Sokolova M. V. : The structure and dynamics of parental attitudes in a child's ontogenesis
p. 68 Kaliteyevskaya E. R. , Leontiev D. A. , Osin Ye. N. , Borodkina I. I. : Meaning, adjustment and self-determination in adolescents
p. 80 Kozyreva N. A. : Development of a creative position in senior preschool children in a game containing a contradiction
p. 91 Kondratiev M. Yu. , Vartanova E. G. : Characteristics of adjustment of a developing personality in the situation of emergence of a student group

Thematic reports
p. 99 Alishev B. S. : Notions of freedom in contemporary students
p. 109 Ilyin V. A. : Application of the social psychological approach to studying social psychological processes in contemporary society
p. 123 Nichiporenko N. P. : Prognostic competence within the system of personality traits
p. 130 Goot R. : On creativity in science and technology

p. 140 Beloshistaya A. V. : Game playing in the math class or once more about "merry math"

Memorable dates
p. 145 Barabanshchikov V. A. : The system approach in psychology (Towards the 80th anniversary of B. F. Lomov)

History of psychology
p. 152 Bogdanchikov S. A. : Russian idealistic psychology of 1920-ies

Experimental research
p. 161 Arestova O. N. : Diagnosing a motivational conflict with the help of the pictogram method

Critical review and bibliography
p. 171 Martsinkovskaya T. D. : Current problems of methodology of contemporary psychological science (in Russian)
p. 174 Beliakova L. I. , Filatova Yu. O. : A new course book in psycholinguistics (in Russian)
p. 176 Kharlamenkova N. Ye. : Early cognitive development (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 178 : Anniversaries of faculties of psychology (in Russian)
p. 185 : VII Seminar in memory of L. S. Vygotsky (in Russian)
p. 187 : A conference on the problems of innovations and technologies in psychology, pedagogics and linguistics (in Russian)
p. 189 : Presentation of "A collection of games for developing systemic thinking" (in Russian)
p. 190 : Conference calendar (in Russian)
p. 191 : Summaries