Theoretical research
p. 3 Nechaev N. N. : Humanization of creativity: Problems and prospects
p. 27 Ulanovsky A. M. : Qualitative methodology and the constructivist paradigm in psychology
p. 38 Konopkin O. A. : Role of emotions in conscious regulation of goal-oriented activity

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 49 Kaliteyevskaya E. R. , Leontiev D. A. : Formation of personality self-determination in adolescence
p. 55 Sobkin V. S. , Baranova E. V. : Social psychological peculiarities of sexual experience in adolescence
p. 67 Arkhireyeva T. V. : Effects of family upbringing on attitude to self in primary school children

Thematic reports
p. 78 Andreyeva I. N. : The emotional intellect: Researching the phenomenon
p. 87 Diomin A. N. : Peculiarities of experiencing employment crises
p. 97 Orlov I. K. : Specificity of the intuitive process of solving indeterminate tasks
p. 109 Stepanova M. A. : Psychological nature of literature
p. 122 Borisenko Yu. V. , Portnova A. G. : The problem of fatherhood in modern society
p. 131 Pavlova E. N. , Zhuravliov A. V. : Social psychological factors of organizational changes

Experimental research
p. 144 Kuravsky L. S. , Malykh S. B. , Kravchuk T. E. , Bolycheva K. A. : Application of information theory to estimating genetic and environmental influences in twin study

Critical review and bibliography
p. 158 Zhdan A. N. : On the history of national psychology in the XX century: Scientific schools of St. Petersburg (in Russian)
p. 160 Guseltseva M. S. : Problems of personality and its research - on the borderline between psychology and history of culture (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 164 : Towards the 75 anniversary of O. └. ╩onopkin (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 168 : The International forum devoted to behavioral disorders in children (in Russian)
p. 170 : A scientific seminar on the progress of psychological science (in Russian)
p. 173 : The conference of young scientists "Lomonosov-2006" (in Russian)
p. 175 : A conference devoted to psychological problems of modern Russia (in Russian)
p. 178 : A conference on psychology of giftedness (in Russian)
p. 179 : XII seminar in memory of G. P. Shchedrovitsky (in Russian)
p. 181 : The Lomonosov seminar at the faculty of psychology of Moscow University (in Russian)
p. 184 : Conference calendar (in Russian)
p. 186 : To F. T. Mikhailov's memory (in Russian)
p. 188 : L. A. Petrovskaya (necro) (in Russian)
p. 191 : Summaries